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*READ FIRST* Recruitment form Empty *READ FIRST* Recruitment form

Post  FreakD on Tue Aug 20, 2013 3:56 pm

Current game focuses are Star Citizen(2014) and Embers of Caerus(2016). In the meantime we will play games that require teamplay and focus on using alpha/beta stages for SC and EoC as much as possible.

This is international mercenary-nomadic(traveling and not camping in 1 place) style of clan with focus on EU(higher priority)/NA primetimes and elitist HC members.

In games we plan to focus on super fast money at start and then slowly shift our focus on PvP aspects of the game. We actually do need few casual players and some who don't specialize for PvP and please state in your application if you are one of those. Clan size maximum is 60 players. We will not subdue to zerg tactics and massive recruitment. Members will be tested during their trial period after recruitment.

Read more about the clan on the official recruitment thread: https://forums.robertsspaceindustries.com/discussion/48616/raid-pack-hard-tier-difficulty-squadron

Specific roles that we are actively looking for along with regular recruitment:
Recruiter, Combat Officers, Activity Officers, Tactician Officers, Super fanboy(who knows all there is to know about the game)

Recruitment form below

- 18+ and mature
- determination to improve
- friendly attitude
- advanced dedication to meet requirements not required by usual gaming communities
- general seriousness about being part of this community
- ability to listen to commands/instructions and communicate back(English)
- excel at teamplay
- respect chain of command
- contribute to the clan
- ability to follow instructions to do few technicalities, being active on forums and voice chat, general view of most members should be to aim towards better position in clan or to improve themselves
- currently having a Star Citizen preorder is also a must

Where are you from:

Past gaming experience:

Games that you are currently playing:

Why do you want to join RP?:

Tell us a bit about yourself(short introduction / what you have to offer us ||| post large  if you wish after you join):

Are you a "casual" player, "hardcore" player or in between:

Personal preference - killing pirates, being a pirate, both or being a trader:

Your usual role in the online games:

Special skills(such as good teamplayer, officer, administrator, trade mogul, fun guy...):

Your pros(positive skills) in gaming/teamplaying:

Your cons(negative skills) in gaming/teamplaying(at least 1):

Would you like to become an officer for the clan(the clan policy is to have a large % of people who are willing to take small part of leadership when needed)?:

Is there any role that you would be willing to work towards(put in Grunt if you want to play the game with regular obligations, put type of officer if you answered yes to previous question or put a specific role if you want to be core part of the clan with even more obligations):

Your Star Citizen handle with preorder title(https://robertsspaceindustries.com/account/settings log in and copy paste your handle):

Raid Pack rules:
- Stay dedicated towards the common goal
- Play actively, daily if possible(RL gets priority)
- Respect the clana and its members
- Follow the officers lead
- Give feedback about clan/members/actions/mistakes as much as you can
- Improve clan and yourself
- Being inactive without explanation in specific thread will kick you out of clan very quickly
- Do not lie in your application, being modest is also a quality

Sign your application with your nickname if you agree to rules and meet requirements:


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